Giulia Castelli

Residence: Rieti, Italy

Hometown: Rieti

Age: 15

Current boat: Malibu M220

Years riding a Malibu: 4 years

How did it start: I started by chance, thanks to a friend of my parents, and I immediately fell in love with it.

Advice: I would recommend to keep riding, keep training and no matter what, always remember to have fun.

Personal Best Trick: Maybe my best tricks are the cab and switch toeside 720, but I also like very much my tantrum to blind and my wrap backside 540.

Set-Up: Ronix Rise - Board & Bindings, Follow - Vest & Rope

Line length: 65ft 

Boat speed: 21.5 kph

Favourite trick: My favourite trick is the nuclear tantrum blind, so I wish to put this grab into my tantrum blind.

Favourite Place to Ride: CNVS on Lago Del Salto, Italy, in my hometown, with my homies.

Riders who inspire you: The rider that inspires me is the Virag twins, Eugenia De Armas, Meagan Ethell, Jamie Lopina, and all the riders of "LA FAMILIA" for their style!

Favourite food: I like Italian food in general, but my favourite is pizza and piadina.

Best Career Moment: My best career moment is when I won the IWWF World Championship in Rieti, my hometown because I was so happy to see that a lot of people were supporting me.

An ideal day in your Malibu: My ideal day is to wake up near the lake with my friends, get ready to spend a day outside and then stay all day on the Malibu, riding, listening to music, and chilling until sunset.

Plans for 2023: I'd like to do my best in the WWA and IWWF contests. I hope to land new tricks and definitely to keep having fun with my homies.

Your review of your current Malibu M220: I like very much riding behind the M220 because the wave is just incredible because you can set it as you like!

Personal Statement: I always remember to enjoy everything I do!

Interesting Fact: Even though I'm young, I have a white and pink mini that is very important for me because I use it every day (I consider it like a best friend).

Hobbies: I like very much hanging out with my friends, listening to music and driving around in my mini.

Career Achievements: First place in IWWF World Championships 2022, girls U14, First place in IWWF European Championships 2022, junior women U18, Italian Champion 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022.

Sponsors: Faanfruit, PuntoDistribution & Malibu Boats.